Wanglers Best Catch Bait Co.

Our Worms Wanglers LIVE redworms (Eisenia Hortensis) are grown in the Netherlands and raised by a breed farm with over 20 years experience. Wanglers are expertly fed and cared for maximum health. Wanglers are packed in a customized soil blend designed to ensure maximum health. Available in NATURAL, CHARTREUSE & GARLIC NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED!* In addition to providing the healthiest, fat, juicy worms, we have years of fishing experience, passion and a belief in providing the best quality and loyalty to our customers. You'll find us outside of the refrigerator, either on top or on the counter. Just use our live test stick to see how lively Wanglers worms are and be careful! They wiggle so much, they may just jump out of the container!

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