PRO’s Soft-Bait Fishing Glue

Our Company PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® is an Innovative Promotions Company. Our home office is located just 5 miles north of Richmond, Virginia in the historic town of Ashland. President, owner and Mike RiceDirector of Sales & Marketing is Michael Rice. Prior to Innovative Promotions, Michael worked as the Managing Director of Marketing and consulted for a local Bluegreen Corp. resort for 6 and a half years. Affiliating himself with some prominent companies and non profits like Pepsi, Corona Beer, Hawaiian Tropic Suncare, The Children's Miracle Network, and many more, Michael soon learned that marketing products and services is as normal as the sun coming up everyday in the business world. But, having great products that perform as advertised is truly the key ingredient for success! Having a strong background in sales and marketing in the new home construction industry and resort vacation industry, Michael was now ready for a new breath of fresh air having been at the mercy of the corporate giants for years. Innovative Promotions Company was opened in August of 2000. In 2001 Michael began the direct sales and marketing of a new line of industrial adhesives for the USA consumer market derived from European technology. Lightning Bond adhesive was that new breath of air which spurred on the development and creation of PRO's Soft~Bait Glue®. From that day forward to the present and up to introducing PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® in January 2002, we have never looked back. Multi-species fishermen can now apply a soft plastic bait glue compatible with fresh and salt water that repairs tears and holds soft baits on hooks like a magnet in under 5 seconds. It stays flexible and strong, non toxic, and odorless to humans and fish and keeps you fishing. Whether it be fresh water bass and walleye soft plastic baits or the larger saltwater soft plastic rigs used to catch Stripers, Sailfish, and Tarpon -- we've got you covered. Finally, a glue that works as claimed. We guarantee it 100% to work or your money back! Isn't it time you got your money's worth for a Soft~Bait Fishing Glue that really works? Besides, we are the only fishing glue company that has a dedicated website just for fishing glue that's Guarantee's to keep soft plastics in place like a magnet. It's guaranteed to stick on soft plastic baits and not dry up in the bottle for 1 year! You can read factual articles and view Photo Examples right here on our website from our Pro Staff and review some very down to earth Testimonials from Salt and Fresh water guides and guys and gals just like us. We welcome your calls, questions, and testimonials anytime. Look for other great Innovative sportsmen's products coming soon! All the best to you in your Great Outdoor Adventures! Let's Go Fishing! Mike Rice

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