Looter Lure

The Looter Lure was invented in the early 1980's on lake Michigan. It's been used ever since as it was tried & proven by 3 generations of Professional Fishing Guides. The Looter Lure is a premium lure made from solid brass that is then plated with jewelry quality silver & gold. What makes the Looter Lure special is that its pure silver or gold quality will retain its color at any depth, which is where other metals and colors would loose their quality below certain water depths. The Looter Lure can be cast, trolled, or jigged, although its original purpose was intended to be trolled for salmon on the Great Lakes. The Looter Lure was designed specifically for - Salmon fishing Striped Bass Fishing Large Mouth Bass Fishing Walleye Fishing Casting, Trolling, and Jigging Saltwater, Freshwater, and Ice-fishing But can be used anywhere, at any time!

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