Trio Tackle

In 1986 Max Heiter and Gary Jones decided to grow their hobby into a business with the creation of H&J Lures. Max placed an initial order with enough supplies for about 100 lures and Gary ordered the paint. Max and Gary perfected their craft throughout 32 years of business and the creation of well over a million lures. Much of the work was completed over long nights at the kitchen table with occasional assistance from family and friends to handle the ever-growing workload. In 2018 H&J Lures was purchased by the Sonnenfelt brother, nephews of Gary Jones. We still rely on the expertise of Max and Gary and also remain committed to their vision of providing quality lures with great customer service. Trio Tackle remains a family-oriented business and you will frequently find our family and friends helping us to grow our business venture. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving your fishing tackle needs.

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