Gruv Fishing

Our world has changed significantly in the past century, but on another hand, tackle storage has not. Compartment-style boxes have been the norm for as long as anyone can remember. Unfortunately, these style of boxes are designed to hold nails and screws as much as they are designed to hold tackle. Rather than securing or protecting your tackle, they simply offer tangled hooks, damaged tackle, dull hooks, and chaos. This ineffective method of tackle storage has long been the norm, but at Gruv Fishing, we’re here to change the norm. The old-school tackle box simply doesn’t cut it anymore. As a fisherman, you want the very best tackle, and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less when it comes to your tackle storage. Utilizing patented silicone anchoring technology licensed from Tacky Fly Fishing, we’re building the future of tackle storage. Our storage solutions effectively anchor, protect, and store your tackle. Consequently this makes you more organized and efficient on the water.

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