Bohning Lure-Lac

Bohning Creative Products (BCP) is a division of the Bohning Company, a family- owned company that operates today from the very place it began in 1946, Lake City, MI. BCP consists of high-quality paints, coatings and accessories for the archery, craft and lure making markets. The story of the Bohning Company is 76 years old and started when our founder, Rollin Bohning who was a Chemist, family man and archer, sought to solve the issue of getting archery broadheads to stay glued in the arrow. With that first product, Ferr-L-Tite, in 1946 Bohning Adhesives, known now as The Bohning Company, was born. Our Brightline Pro is a water-based, brilliant colored, durable, low VOC paint especially developed for Air Spraying, Brushing and Dipping of wood, metal or plastic parts and crafts. Its user friendly, easily thinned with distilled water and clean-up is a snap. Lure-Lac paint is a fast drying lacquer with high impact, flexible polymers that bond to a variety of surfaces including lead and lead-free jigs, plastic lure bodies, metal lures and spoons, wood lure bodies and cork. Lure-Lac has been formulated for salt water use, and has been shown to be resistant to salt water exposure equal to 24 hours a day for an entire year. All Bohning paints are tested in the extremes of temperature, humidity and UV exposure. If you have any questions about our creative products or need help with your current project, please feel free to reach out to us. We guarantee we will get back with you.

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