Beyond Braid Braided Fishing Line Company

We are a Braided Fishing Line Company based out of Miami FL. We have 300-5000 yard spools in multiple colors and LB. Blue camo, Moss camo, Pink camo, Red white & blue Patriot, White 8X, Green 8X, Light Blue 8X. We can custom make colors as well. Top Traits of what makes Beyond Braid Special 1. Marketing: Our marketing is superior to all other fishing line companies. Beyond Braid has an outstanding name and brand. Our designs and packaging are extremely eye catching and grab customers attention walking through isles of stores. We have a large social media following that will continue to grow the brand name. No other brands are using social like we are in the fishing line space. 2. Affordability: We have affordable pricing compared to some other expensive braided fishing line companies. The big competitors are in the space are Power Pro, Spiderwire, and J Braid. We have more affordable options than all of our competition. 3. Color Options: We have a wide variety of color options in stock and in production. We have the ability to color the line whatever we’d like but we stick with the most popular. 4. We invest heavily into marketing on social media so customers know our brands and products when they see them. We are not a nobody, we have great brand recognition. We have had over 56,000,000 impressions on social media in just the last year and half. CAST FURTHER & LASTS LONGER- Smooth fluoropolymer coating that allows for more efficient casts and longer distances every time. A thinner diameter slices through your guides and allows you to pack more line onto your reel. NO STRETCH FOR EXTREME SENSITIVITY- Braided line PE fibers have no stretch properties which allow you to feel every bite and have instant hooksets increasing your hookup ratio. LOW MEMORY- Helps keep your line straight during casting which leads to less wind knots, tangles, and will extend the life of your braid. ABRASION RESISTANT- Ultra-strong construction allows you to yank fish out of the toughest of situations. Whether fishing around structure of bridges or heavy cover/vegetation, Beyond Braid will hold up and get you out of any tough spot.

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