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It's a long story, and maybe one day we'll meet and I can tell you all about the events that took place one night over a free sushi dinner at our local sushi restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina. The night, which we had no idea, would be the start of Spool Speed Bearings. The Japanese guy in the nice black pinstriped suit sitting beside us provided much more than a taste of fatty tuna that evening, he introduced us to a means for a business idea which would become a part our livelihood and future, Spool Speed Bearings!    

In amazement, I was shocked to hear that he managed plants in Ashibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan and Shanghai, China. It was evident that we shared a passion for quality products and a commitment to customer service. The relationship took off!​


Growing up in sunny South Carolina as a kid, I always was a tinkerer! I had to modify just about everything to make it faster, stronger, lighter or better. From skateboards and BMX bicycles to motorcycles and fishing reels, everything I owned as a kid was performance enhanced! Fishing was a mainstay activity for me as a youngster and I started working on my old Garcia Ambassadeurs at a very young age. I had the best casting reels in the neighborhood. If it wasn't the best, I simply did not want to use it. My performance modifications had to be a notch above the next guys. I was pretty picky you might say. Well, here we are many years down the road and I don't believe much has changed. I still enjoy only the best, high quality gear.​

Customer satisfaction is most important to me in business. It's more important than the money. If I take good care of my customers, the money will come......more on this in a minute. My passion for my hobbies is important too! It's always easier to somehow find an extra dollar than to gain lost passion. I believe you must have a deep passion for something to be really good at it. The passion for what you do will always be noticed by your customers. I believe that a happy, satisfied customer will tell many others and a dissatisfied customer will tell even more. From my humble beginnings in the automotive industry, I learned that providing the highest level of customer satisfaction was paramount in establishing a sustainable, profitable business and a dedicated customer base which simply would not go anywhere else! I worked for a man for over 20 years that demanded that you be #1 in customer satisfaction. He knew the secret and he taught me well. I was #1 in customer satisfaction and that's how I learned the two simple rules of business:     #1 The customer is always right.

#2 If the customer is ever wrong, see rule #1.

Spool Speed Bearings will always adhere to this policy. You can be assured Spool Speed will make it right!

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