Lithium Battery Company Intl.

Lithium Battery Company is committed to providing our customers with the best possible batteries on the market. Our lithium-ion batteries are made with premium cells that last longer than any other brand. Each battery pack is built to last, not just to meet the minimum requirements for its use. Our batteries are made to order and have a "born on" date. Our lithium cells undergo an extensive computerized selection process to guarantee purity and increased capacity. Our proprietary algorithms balance the lithium cells within the battery pack for optimal power output.
Our 24V and 36V lithium-ion trolling motor batteries are exclusively designed for the most advanced power management system, the Power-Pole CHARGE. Unlock your system’s full potential by using the CHARGE with “Don’t Die” lithium-ion batteries. “Don’t Die” trolling motor batteries are lightweight and field-proven to deliver exceptional reliability and performance with the Power-Pole CHARGE. The innovative APP helps eliminate costly trips for technicians, boatbuilders, and dealers by providing instant feedback about the battery’s health.

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