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Ardent Tackle LLC is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of freshwater fishing tackle and a distributor of Blue Marlin saltwater Tackle and WFT Gliss fishing line. With operations in St. Louis and Macon Missouri, Ardent is an American owned company that designs our products in the USA and manufactured overseas to deliver the highest performance at the lowest consumer cost. Our administration, engineering, quality assurance, shipping and receiving, and sales and marketing personnel are all employed in the USA.
Every tackle item we produce is the result of professional angling input with the objective of ultimate performance at the lowest consumer price. Ardent reels are backed with a 3 year warranty which is 2 years longer than any competitor. Any reel returned to us for service under the Ardent warranty will be repaired and the reel will be professionally cleaned and lubricated, upgraded with any new components, performance tested, and returned to the owner at Ardent's expense within 10 business days of receipt. Repairs for equipment that is out of warranty are available for a minimal charge based on the repair required and the cost of return shipping.
Ardent has numerous professional anglers fishing our tackle at all levels on the pro tours in addition to thousands of very satisfied amateur anglers as well. If you have never used an Ardent reel or rod or other tackle item we invite you to try one. We are confident you will have a great experience and own equipment that will give you years of fishing enjoyment.

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