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Ever since hook production started in the 1870s, Mustad has manufactured an impressive number of different fish hook patterns for a vast array of fishing methods. Such a long history and experience has given us invaluable knowledge about what it takes to perfect a fish hook for a specific type of fishing, as well as all-round freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Mustad has manufactured hooks since 1877, but over the years we have expanded our product range to satisfy every need of the modern fisherman and -woman. With durable material and fine, quality craftsmanship, from the strong shank to the razor-sharp hook, when you've latched onto the tournament-sized fish, the hook is a sure thing with Mustad!

BUYER CONTACTS (contact the sales manager/rep associated with your location):

WEST (including Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) - National Sales Manager Matt Swainbank - +1 503 430 9986

EAST - National Sales Manager Josh Barca - +1 724 339 1544

NORTHEAST - Regional Sales Rep Bailey Rothrock - +1 574 870 4671

SOUTHEAST - Regional Sales Rep Coby Pawlowski - +1 239 292 5379

Using Mustad Ultrapoint technology and UV fibers, the Addicted Sink It Series is a one-of-a-kind bead jig built with a smaller profile that mimics the look of a salmon egg, making it perfect for targeting salmon, steelhead, and trout. Made on a 32833NP-BN.

Mustad's durable, premium quality tools will save you precious time out on the water. With Mustad in your toolbox, you'll be kitted out for a long time.

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