Powered GoPro Boat Mounts & Other Cool Gear to Help Folks Catch Great Video of their Fishing & Other Adventures on the Water!
YOLOtek has products that are sure to be best-sellers for your store. 
YOLOtek NavLIGHT SHOW is the most EPIC navlight on the planet and great margins, and YES, it is Coast Guard 2NM (nautical mile) visibility approved. Remote control: 12 solid colors & almost 400 patterns. FITS ALL BOATS with a NavLight Port! Your customers will stay safe and have fun with the NavLIGHT SHOW!
Use Code: FTR15 to save $15 OFF your first order.
Call 800-488-5512 or email NavLIGHTShow@YOLOtek.com today!

Fish Caught Bare Handed with PowerStick-53" Powered GoPro Boat Mount #AlwaysBeRecording

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