Monic Fly Fishing

Monic Fly Lines are hand made in Boulder, Colorado and feature innovative technological advances that make Monic lines the most accurate casting, stealthiest, and eco-friendliest line for any condition, of any fly line available. Monic, the original developer of clear floating fly lines, continues to deliver the most advanced lines on the market. We specialize in bringing you fly lines that have low memory, don't need added lubricants or floatants, and float high for ultra-stealthy presentations. In addition to our lines, we are excited to introduce our new leader, "The Whiz," which is built to offer the ideal lifeless, low memory leader that will help to make that perfect presentation when casting. When you decide to test our clear floating line or one of our other tried-and-true colored lines, you'll find that all Monic Fly Lines deliver that straight soft cast you’re looking for. Whether you're fishing saltwater down in the tropics under the hot sun, to fresh high mountain streams in the middle of winter, or anything in between, Monic Fly lines will outperform the rest. So, choose a fly line that is designed top to bottom to give you every advantage on the water. Engineered to catch fish of a lifetime, by anglers for anglers.

In this episode of FittedToFish, Captain Keaton Anderson will be going over some of Monic's newest Fly Lines.

Comparing a competitor's PVC/vinyl fly line to the Monic Icicle in a one-hour ice water soak. The Icicle has NO COILING and NO MEMORY.

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