Smartest Tackle—American Made Company Moffs Tackle / Bobber with a Brain

Bobber With A Brain (slip bobber fishing off bottom), now comes in THREE sizes: Sr., Jr., and MINI. World's first and only patented AUTOMATIC SLIP BOBBER that fishes from the bottom up and will not drift in a 30 mph wind or jet ski waves!! NEW PATENT can be leased by another company, just e-mail FRANK at Make millions with the newer smaller versions BWAB JR. and Mini! FAMILY SPECIAL: 9 bobber mix—3 Sr., 3 Jr., and 3 mini, plus 6 hand-tied rigs and 6 light stick holders—$40 post-paid. Place order at Moffs Tackle on PayPal, e-mail is Call me with any questions or for smaller orders Frank at 724-537-8809!

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