Alternative Fishing Lures Alt Corp.

We create fishing lures and tackle, but we're also trying to break free from the traditional notion of what a fishing lure should be. By the production of our lures and tackle, we're trying to support sustainability and a circular economy. This means that each lure piece was created from 100% recycled materials and comes with compensated emissions. We have 3 main product lines at this time: - Hard Lures: We make our hard lures from 100% recycled material recovered from the ocean (in the form of ghost nets). After the nets are collected, we separate, clean, and recycle them into pellets. Pellets are later used for production. We also removed any lead parts from the lures and replaced them with steel/brass. - Soft Lures: Our soft plastics are also created from 100% recycled materials only (such as old lures, various transparent plastics, soles, etc.). They are extremely flexible and an interesting feature is that they float, which gives fishermen greater options in how to present them. They also contain no plastisol, phthalates, or BPAs. - Tackle Bags: For the production of our tackle bags, we used the rPet fabric, which comes from recycled plastic bottles.

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