Performance All SEIGLER reels are made in the US with the highest-quality, US-made, components and craftsmanship, resulting in products that consistently outperform on the water. Head to head with other reels in their classes, Seigler reels are lighter and stronger, with the smoothest, most powerful drags and highest line capacities available. Reliability You never know when setting the hook is going to turn into the potential fish of a lifetime, so you need to be able to rely on your reel on every strike, whether it be the first or the thousandth. Over 9 years, we have developed the most reliable reels on the market, eliminating unnecessary pieces that are often the cause of performance issues and failure, and overbuilding every component to make a reel that is always up for any fight you choose to pick with it. Serviceability By eliminating extra parts, we not only make our reels more reliable by removing potential issues, but we also build each reel so that it is easy to service - not only for us, but for our customer. Many reel companies void their warranties once a customer opens it up on their own, we encourage them to do just that. There’s not always the time or ability to send a reel back to have it serviced, so our reels are built to be taken apart and cleaned and serviced easily, allowing our customers to keep their reel working like it did the day they took it out of the box. *every part of our reels other than the bearings are made in the US.

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