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Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) started out seeking to build an intense line of bass rods with specific and exciting techniques in mind. They strived to build the consumer a lineup of rods that took specific techniques to the next level. After several years of testing, and dozens of arguments with their pro staff, they ended up realizing that an angler that is coming into your shop to buy a $279 bass rod already knows what tool they want! Experienced retailers can strive with Resolve Bass by simply putting the action and length in the customer’s hand rather than fight the endless battle of, “That rod isn’t right.”
TFO has long tried to speak to anglers a little differently than most brands in the category; the Resolve Bass lineup is another evolution in that conversation. The arguments they spoke about were the constant reminders that regardless of the label on the rod, each pro was going to fit the rod to their needs and their requirements. TFO was quickly reminded that each experienced bass fisherman looking to buy has the knowledge and experience to know their own style, or at the very least, believes they do.
The Resolve Bass Lineup is an exceptionally solid buildout starting with high-performance blanks utilizing Toray’s T1100G caron fiber; a revolutionary new material that is comprised with High Modulus and High Tensile strength fibers. This combination allows engineers to fine-tune specific areas of the blank’s stiffness without added weight, which translates into incredible feel, sensitivity, and durability.
The incredibly strong and revolutionary blank is partnered with Sea Guide Marine Grade Stainless tangle-free guides with Silicon Nitride inserts—the hardest, lightest inserts currently available. The reduced weight of these guides further increases blank performance. Finally, we used Sea Guide XCSS & XSS feel-through reel seats to make the fit and finish perfect. These reel seats offer a nonslip ergonomic design for better handling and reduced fatigue on the angler. The unique hoods increase reel stability and make the rod feel like it is worth twice the cost.
For more information and to inquire about becoming a TFO dealer, please contact info@tforods.com

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