All In Tackle Manufacturing LLC

All In Tackle Manufacturing was formed in 2016 to formulate, test and bring to market HIGH quality fish attractants and silicone skirting materials. Randy "Jar" Hillyer and his wife Patti are avid fishermen and love the outdoors. Randy has more than two decades of experience in designing & manufacturing products in the fishing industry. After two years of testing and development, All In Tackle’s Jar Jelly was developed. A clear jelly, that comes in assorted scents that can be used on virtually any fishing lure from soft plastics to hard baits without sacrificing color or action. Soon after, All In Tackle Jar Juice was developed at the request of Smoky Mountain Outdoorsman Television host, Tony Sellars. This liquid fish attractant uses the same quality ingredients that goes into Jar Jelly for those who prefer using liquid-based scents. All In Tackle's Jar Jelly and Jar Juice last longer than other scents, entice more bites from stubborn fish, and make fish hold on longer so you have more time to set the hook. Scents come in crawfish, garlic, shad, anise, herring, shrimp & menhaden. Fish can’t resist our scents and they will help you catch more fish!

Major League Fishing Pro Angler Wesley Strader introducing the All In Tackle product line of Jar Jelly and Jar Juice on Smoky Mountain Outdoorsman Television.

Angel Thurman Fishing - I had another fun day on the water, even though it was super crowded. I think there was 2 or 3 tournaments going on that day. I made the best of it and still caught some fish. I’m looking forward to going back! Jar’s Bait Scents “All In” on the action.

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