SensorTronics Ind. Inc. Strike Sensor

Strike Sensor® is the most versatile electronic strike alert system available. The system consists of a Strike Sensor wireless remote pager (or beeper), and a transmitter you can rig with any Ice Fishing Tip-up, Set Pole or Rod Holder. Once set, carry the pager with you and Strike Sensor will 'BEEP' you the instant a fish strikes... up to 600 feet away.
Fishing from inside your vehicle, shelter, campsite or even your lake home is no problem. Strike Sensor’s powerful radio signal alerts you to a bite instantly. Just one pager can monitor any number of transmitters so you can fish multiple lines and NEVER MISS ANOTHER STRIKE! Plus the transmitter lights up, so you know which line has been tripped, even if you're night fishing.
Unlike other fish alarms, Strike Sensor is perfect year ’round; Ice Fishing, Surf and Shore Fishing, Fishing from Banks and Piers, Drift and Float fishing.

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