Bishop Distributing, Inc.

Bishop Distributing, Inc. & Sunbeater Co.
Established in 1938 as a hat manufacturer. We got our name from our hats. We made "The Hat that Beat the Sun", so we named ourselves Sunbeater.
We are pleased to announce the merging of Bishop Distributing, Inc. and Sunbeater Company. Both companies are now located in one facility. While many customers have already been buying from both companies, we are now operating as one supplier, making it much more convenient for you.
Sunbeater has moved from manufacturing hats to wholesaling them; along with a wide variety of other products for your summer season. We have new ideas and new products to help us grow into the future. You can be sure that this nationwide business will be "beating the sun" for years to come.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. While the products we sell make the outdoors more fun, we take seriously our commitment to work with our business partners to help them to be more successful.

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