DMF Bait Co.

In 1977, three Michigan schoolteachers – twin brothers Dan and Mike Beaudoin and lifelong friend Fred Fry, started DMF Bait Company. What started out as a hobby, selling worms to fellow fishermen, became a full-fledged business by 1979 as DMF began shipping bait beyond Michigan.
During this time, Dan, Mike, and Fred hired their high school students to scour golf courses and fields for a steady supply of nightcrawlers. By 1980, a nationwide retailer began selling DMF worms in five states. Demand prompted DMF to begin buying worms from the fertile soils of Canada. Come 1984, healthy growth caused DMF to begin shipping product by mail to 49 states, guaranteeing live-delivery. By 1994, DMF Bait became the world’s largest wholesale bait dealer, and our founders retired from teaching.
Today, we sell over 200 million worms a year, and also offer seasonal specialty bait to 49 states. Dan, Mike, and Fred are now retired, but the next generation of ownership, Dan, Chris, and Nolan, are hard at work preparing for the future.

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