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Fishing Tackle Retailer’s Buyer’s Guide is the go-to database of fishing tackle resources. Here, you can find virtually every notable manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor of fishing tackle in North America. For decades, our Buyer’s Guide has been an indispensable resource for tackle stores across the United States. Each year, it’s delivered to Fishing Tackle Retailer subscribers as part of our November/December issue. Consider this website your year-round, constantly-updated version of that Buyer’s Guide.

Here, you can enter the names of fishing tackle companies that you want to connect with, types of fishing tackle products that you need to order for your store, or search for wholesalers and distributors who can connect your store to the suppliers you need to fill peg space.

How does it work?

This website works like any search engine. You can enter the name of a brand or a type of product, i.e. “spinnerbaits, spinning reels, jig heads,” and suppliers of that product will automatically load after our database is searched. Each listing comes with contact information to make it easy to connect and get back to manning your store. From there, you can either email or call the person you need to talk to.

It’s as simple as that.

The Fishing Tackle Retailer Buyer’s Guide website is open to all tackle manufacturers, boating accessory manufacturers, manufacturers of outdoors products and makers of products typically sold by fishing tackle